How to advertise your business online and reap longterm rewards

How to advertise your business online and reap longterm rewards


Many businesses often view advertising from a sales perspective. Yes it’s true, advertising with an emphasis on sales conversion goals is a lucrative strategy. However, not all forms of strategic advertising lead directly to an increase in sales. For example, Allstate’s MAYHEM commercials take on a promotional approach (see video below). Obviously, the end state goal will always focus on increasing revenues. However, the primary motivation here appears to be centered in the company’s marketing message. To ingrain the idea that Allstate is a company who prepares and protects automotive owners from mayhem.

In the same way a blog or brand can promote a marketing message, increase brand awareness, or enhance brand reputation. If your goal is to reap longterm benefits from your online advertising expenses it’s important to understand the strategic difference between advertising for revenue and advertising for influence. Once you’re able to discern between the two you’ll be better equipped to effectively develop advertising campaigns that align with your business goals. For example, advertising for leads infers that your advertising intent is based on influence. In contrast, advertising an affiliate program infers that your advertising for revenue gains.

The good news is that advertising for influence is no longer restricted to businesses with hefty advertising budgets. The internet has essentially democratized influence removing high barriers to entry (like the cost of an infomercial). Some simple ways to advertise your business online to reap longterm rewards include:

1) Create unique and valuable evergreen content that is optimized well so it’s easily found. Many of today’s longtime website owners are still benefiting from well written content that’s more than a few years old.

2) Use engaging forms of media like video or audio. Use these communication methods to spur interest, entertain, or helping potential customers solve or answer industry related problems or questions. Drive traffic to these forms of media.

3) Make valuable and useful tools available to potential consumers to enhance engagement potential. Some great examples are Hubspot’s Marketing Grader, Alexa’s website statistics, and Hootsuite’s free plan.

Using these 3 simple strategies you can effectively advertise your business online and build a perpetual reward system for the future. Before you begin implementing any of these advertising strategies it’s important to view the activity or advertising action in the proper context, doing so will enable you to develop reasonable end-state expectations.

Remember, instant gratification doesn’t always provide the greatest return. Oftentimes patience pays great dividends.

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    I’m trying to start incorporating more video vlogs into my site, I agree that it has great potential to reach a new market of readers!

    • Andrea Naomi

      videos are a great touch :) I also love to do them more often!

  • london_unattached

    I definitely think it’s worth republicing old posts that are still valid.

    • Andrea Naomi

      Thanks Fiona, I do enjoy timeless material. I believe it really speaks volumes to be able to publish something once and have it remain relevant for years :) Thanks for stopping by!

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